Of MA residents plan to go on at least one road trip this summer.

9.5% of those planning road trips don't know how to check tire pressure.

20.5% don't pack an emergency kit.

49% felt traffic was the most stressful part of road trips.

29.5% of drivers wouldn't feel comfortable driving more than 200 miles.

30.5% of drivers felt a 4-5 hour trip was the ideal length.

Driving Distractions Ranked By Drivers

Phone - 37.5%
Kids - 29.5%
GPS - 18.5%
Other - 10%
Pets - 4.5%

88.5% of road trippers snack while driving.

Let's Make Road Trips Safer Together

Put your phone away while driving.

Obey speed limits and road signs.

Pack an emergency kit.

Perform a car checkup beforehand.

Avoid snacking and driving.

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