Electrocution Injuries

Electrocution injuries are rare in Massachusetts, but when they occur, they can be serious. A single electrical injury can lead to disability or even death. Although some electrical injuries occur because of the victim’s carelessness, others are the result of negligence on the part of the electric utility company.

Understanding the Responsibilities of the Electric Utility Company

Electrical Injury in Massachusetts as a lineman repairs the wiresMassachusetts requires electric utility companies to manage their equipment responsibly in order to prevent accidents involving employees or the general public. For example, under the National Electric Safety Code, companies are required to inspect their wires and other equipment on a regular basis and repair any problems discovered during inspection. If the utility fails to uphold its responsibilities and an individual sustains injury or dies after coming into contact with damaged equipment, the company may be held legally responsible for the incident.

Pursuing Justice after Electrical Injuries

If you or someone in your family suffered an electrocution injury, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the electric utility company. If you win, the electric company may be required to compensate you for related medical bills and lost wages. However, electrocution cases can be complicated. In order to win in court, you and your attorney must prove that:

  • The electric utility company was negligent and/or didn’t properly inspect and/or maintain the equipment.
  • The negligence and/or lack of inspection and maintenance caused and/or contributed to the victim’s electrocution injury.

Cases in which the utility company is in violation of the National Electric Safety Code are often the easiest to prove. However, even if the electric utility company is not in violation of this code, victims may still be entitled to compensation depending on the circumstances.

Choosing the Right Attorney for Massachusetts Electrocution Cases

Not all attorneys are equipped to handle electrocution cases effectively. If you don’t choose the right attorney, you may lose your case unnecessarily. In general, a good electrocution attorney will be able to:

  • Identify all possible defendants. – More than one person or company may be held responsible for an electrocution injury, depending on the circumstances. Anyone who played a part in the creation of the hazard and/or Electrocution injury from lightning- non-severefailed to prevent it could potentially be liable.
  • Locate and secure high-quality expert witnesses. – A skilled, experienced electrocution attorney will be able to secure testimony from credible expert witnesses who can provide specific testimony covering medical issues, the National Electric Safety Code, electrical engineering or any other important issue involved in the case.
  • Provide the plaintiff with reassurance and constant communication. – If you are filing an electrocution injury case, you will have questions and concerns throughout the proceedings. Your attorney should make him or herself available to answer your questions, help you understand important issues or reassure you as needed.

If you have suffered an electrical injury, or if you have a family member who died from electrocution, contact Peter Ventura, Attorney at Law, to learn about your options for pursuing compensation under Massachusetts law.


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