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Compensation for Injuries Suffered in Sports or Recreational Activities

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While waivers of liability make it difficult to recover damages for most injuries suffered in team sports, if you were injured because of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

For example, if you hurt your ankle sliding into second base, there’s probably no cause of action. However, if you get badly cut by broken glass in center field, you may have a claim against the owner of the ballpark.

There’s a fairly simple rule of thumb to determine whether the injured party in a sports or recreation setting has a right to collect damages from someone else: If the injury was caused by risks inherent in the activity, you may not have a right to compensation. On the other hand, if the injury was caused at least in part by the negligence of someone else, you should be entitled to damages.

The law firm of Peter Ventura has over 25 years of experience with the investigation of sports & recreational accident claims to see whether a property owner, an equipment manufacturer or another negligent party can be held accountable for your injuries. Contact us for a free consultation about your potential damages claims.

Our law firm investigates a wide variety of sports and recreation accidents to see whether our client has a viable claim, including:

speedboat accident in massachusetts

Boating Accidents

Many people underestimate the damage boats and other watercraft can inflict. In some cases, a boat operator’s negligence can lead to severe injury for the boat’s occupants. We will help you determine whether you have a case against the boat operator or another party following injury on the water.

swimming accident in a pool

Swimming or diving injuries at public or private pool

The owners of both private and public swimming pools are required to take certain precautions in order to keep people safe in and around the pool. When the owners of these pools don’t do what they need to do to prevent accidents, injuries can result. Contact us to find out if you are entitled to compensation.

Massachusetts horseback riding accident

Horseback riding accidents

Horseback riding always poses a risk of accidents. However, when horseback riding accidents occur because the owner of the horse or the facility was negligent, the injured party may be able to file a successful lawsuit. We can help you determine whether your injury was the direct result of negligence so that you can hold the proper party responsible.

ski accident in Massachusetts

Skiing or skating accidents

Most skiing and skating accidents occur when individuals collide, when ski area operators or skating rink owners are negligent or when equipment malfunctions. Depending on the situation, these injuries can be severe. Let us help you determine who is responsible for your injuries.

Massachusetts ATV Accident

ATV or dirt bike accidents

In many cases, ATV and dirt bike accidents don’t result in liability claims. However, if you or a loved one was injured on an ATV driven by someone else, because of unsafe property conditions, because of manufacturing defects or because of contact with another vehicle, you may be able to recover compensation.

broken playground in Massachusetts

Playground Injuries

Playground injuries often occur because of unsafe equipment, poor supervision or an unsafe environment around playground equipment. When any of these situations contribute to an injury, the owner/operator of the playground may be held financially responsible. Contact us to find out what you can do to recover compensation after a playground injury.

injury at the gym lawyer

Athletic facilities accidents

Many accidents that occur in athletic facilities could have been prevented. Unfortunately, malfunctioning equipment, poor maintenance and environment hazards are often ignored by the owners of these facilities, which leads to serious injuries for patrons. If you have been a victim of a preventable accident at an athletic facility, contact us to learn about your options.

cheerleader injuries in Massachusetts

Cheerleading injuries

Cheerleading is a high-intensity sport that can lead to various injuries, including sprains, strains, broken bones, dislocations, muscle injuries and more. In many cases, these injuries occur because of poor training, inexperienced coaches, unsafe cheerleading environments or dangerous stunts that are performed without the proper precautions. If negligence plays a role in a cheerleading accident, the injured party may be able to bring a lawsuit against the party responsible.

roller-coaster injuries in Massachusetts

Amusement Park Ride Accidents

Amusement Park Rides are designed to provide an enjoyable experience in a safe environment. Unfortunately, poor ride construction, improper maintenance, inaccurate rider guidelines or poor enforcement of amusement park rules can lead to accidents and injuries. Victims of amusement park accidents may be entitled to compensation from the park.

There were 1,150 injuries at amusement parks in 2014, according to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.   5% of those injured suffered “serious” injuries that required at least one overnight stay in the hospital.  The risk of injury is even higher at temporary carnival sites.  Although the U.S. Consumer Product Commission regulates how portable rides are manufactured, how each ride is set up, maintained, or operated depends on state regulations.  These regulations can vary wildly, from very strict to none at all.

When you should contact a sports injury lawyer

We know how to evaluate and investigate recreational injuries under legal theories of premises liability, negligent supervision, product liability or other causes. We also work closely with our clients and their doctors to make sure that injuries are correctly diagnosed, treated and documented for eventual payment by the defendant or its insurer.

Learn more about your rights in the aftermath of a serious injury. To discuss your case with an experienced Massachusetts recreational accident lawyer, contact us at the law firm of Peter Ventura, Attorney at Law, in Worcester for a free consultation.



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