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People who get hurt at work usually have some awareness of their rights under Massachusetts workers’ compensation law, but they don’t always know about their potential claims for personal injury damages from sources other than the employer.

In general, negligence by a non-employer third party can often support a personal injury lawsuit separate from a workers’ comp claim, but it’s not always easy to identify the facts that indicate the third party’s negligence. The advice of an experienced work injury lawyer can help you understand the full range of your rights after an accident at work.

When you have been hurt at work, you may be able to receive further compensation beyond lost wages provided by workers’ compensation. If you have been injured because of a faulty piece of equipment or because of the negligence of another party, you may have a personal injury lawsuit. It’s important to understand the liability for your injuries and to be able to prove that the negligence of another person was the direct cause of your injuries. Some frequently asked questions regarding work-related injuries include:

1. I’ve been paid lost wages from workers’ compensation, but I’m still suffering from my injuries. Do I have any other legal recourse?

As with any work-related accident, it’s important to discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer if you are still feeling the effects of your injury. While workers’ compensation benefits will replace lost wages and pay for medical costs associated with your injury, there is no financial compensation for pain and suffering and any impairment to your quality of life. If you are unable to return to work because of your injuries and workers’ compensation is not enough, it’s time to start considering a personal injury lawsuit.

2. I had a similar injury from a car accident. Is my employer still liable for my injuries?

If you had a previous injury from a car accident and are now injured in a similar way from an accident at work, your employer still may be liable for your injuries. If you received treatment for your previous injury and were medically cleared to return to work, the injury you sustained as an employee is now considered to be a new injury. A previous injury to the same area does not prohibit you from seeking compensation for your injuries.

3. How do I know if I need an accident lawyer in Worcester, Massachusetts?

When you are injured at work, it may be difficult to prove who is at fault for your injuries. Only an experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to look over your case to determine if you are able to seek damages for your injuries. Even when workers’ compensation pays you lost wages, this does not guarantee that you have a viable lawsuit on your hands. If you were injured at work and you continue to suffer from your injuries, it is possible that you can seek further damages. Pain and suffering and the impairment to quality of life are two potential aspects of a personal injury lawsuit that aren’t taken into consideration with workers’ compensation claims.

4. How will I pay for an attorney?

The first step in hiring an attorney for a personal injury lawsuit is to come in and meet with us for a free initial consultation. In this meeting, we will discuss the merits of your case and your potential for financial compensation. If we believe that you have a lawsuit that we can win, we will work out a fee agreement with you for a percentage of your settlement should you win your case. You don’t pay anything for the initial consultation, and we will discuss any fees with you if we decide to take your case.

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Contact a Worcester work injury attorney at the law firm of Peter Ventura, Attorney at Law, to learn about your legal options under the personal injury system, the workers’ compensation system or both. We can evaluate your case and give you an accurate idea of your alternatives under a variety of work accident scenarios:

Experienced Worcester Work Injury Attorney

We advise workers in Central Mass and Metro West about their options for collecting the compensation necessary to make up for lost income or to cover medical expenses. If the facts of your case show that you have the right to pursue personal injury damages in addition to workers’ compensation benefits, an experienced lawyer can help you obtain just and fair compensation.

Because personal injury damages cover a wider range of damages than workers’ comp, it makes sense to work with a lawyer who can advise you about both procedures. To learn more about the full range of your rights following an injury accident at work, contact the office of Peter Ventura, Attorney at Law, in Worcester for a free consultation.



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