Worcester Personal Injury Lawyer Answers FAQs:

When you’re faced with a serious life changing injury, you’re likely to have questions. Attorney Peter Ventura answers our clients’ FAQs here.

What do I bring to prepare for an initial consultation with your office?

Once you set up an initial consultation to discuss your personal injury lawsuit, it’s important to bring with you all of the pertinent information you have regarding your case. This means you should bring any accident reports, medical treatment notes and other medical provider information to the initial consultation. Any photos of the accident site as well as photos of visable injury to your body are very important as well. The more information you can provide to the attorney, the better he or she will be able to assess your case. You should be prepared to talk about the details of your injury and how the accident occurred in the first place.

How soon will I get paid for my injuries?

This depends upon whether the insurance company for the defendant accepts liability for your accident and offers you a fair amount of compensation for the damages you suffered. Personal injury claims are varied. If you settle out of court, it may take as little as a few months after you accident or as long as a few years especially if your case is contested by the defendant’s insurance company. Also, only the injured party decides whether to settle a case out of court and for how much. If you feel as though you aren’t being offered enough compensation for your injuries, and you want to bring the case to trial, this is a choice you can make as you fight your lawsuit. If a settlement is offered by the defendant or their insurance company , your lawyer has an obligation to present the offer to you for you to accept or refuse.

Worcester, MA Frequently Asked Questions for Lawyers

In the pages linked below, attorney Peter Ventura provides answers to some frequently asked questions about common types of personal injury claims. While these answers should not be construed as free legal advice, they may be able to help you better understand when you need to speak with a lawyer about your situation.

Car Accident FAQs

Are you wondering what you should do after a car accident? How you can get help paying your medical expenses? Whether it is too late to hire a car accident lawyer to help with your case?

Truck Accident FAQs

Accidents involving tractor trailers and other commercial trucks present additional issues not involved in normal auto accident lawsuits. In our truck accident FAQs, attorney Peter Ventura explains how to determine who is responsible for your injuries, whether you can sue the truck driver’s employer, and more. Continue reading.

Motorcycle Accident FAQs

Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries. If you have been hospitalized due to a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. Did you know that you may still be entitled to compensation even if you were partially at fault in the collision? In our motorcycle accident FAQs, we explain Massachusetts’ “comparative fault” rule and more. Continue reading.

Workers’ Compensation FAQs

Workers’ compensation claims are different from lawsuits for non-work related accidents. Our FAQ answers explain the basic requirements for coverage, how to file a claim for compensation, and how much you can expect to recover if you win your case. You can also find out if your employer or occupation is excluded from the Massachusetts workers’ compensation system, and what you can do if your workers’ compensation claim has been denied.

Medical Malpractice FAQs

In our medical malpractice FAQs, we identify common forms of malpractice, discuss who you can sue for your injuries, and explain the types of evidence you will need in order to win your case. We also talk about the costs of hiring a lawyer, damages you can expect to recover, and how long you have to file your medical malpractice claim.

Premises Liability FAQs

Property owners and tenants owe certain duties to individuals who enter their premises. In our premises liability FAQs, we answer question such as, “What kind of conditions may make a property owner liable for injuries?” and, “What kind of damages can I recover in a premises liability case?”

Construction Accident FAQs

Did you know that your employer is not the only party that can be held responsible for your construction site injuries? Depending on what happened, there may be other deep-pocketed companies you can sue as well. Read our FAQ answers to learn all about your rights following a construction site accident. Find out more.

Bus Accident FAQs

Do you have questions about what happens after a bus accident?  Depending on your circumstances, you be have a personal injury case as a result of being involved in a bus accident.  Find out more with these 10 answers to your 10 frequently asked questions.

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3 Million Dollars - Motor Vehicle Death
2 Million Dollars – Medical Malpractice
$1,024,892 – Motor Vehicle Accident
$675,000 – Accident at Work
$650,000 – Medical Malpractice
$525,000 – Tractor Trailer Accident
$500,000 – Accident at Work
$475,000 – Fall at Supermarket

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Attorney Ventura was excellent. I was injured in a car accident and he really looked out for my best interests. He is thorough and professional as well as easy to reach and always there when I needed him. His support team was outstanding. They kept me well-informed throughout the process. I would highly recommend Attorney Ventura for any of your personal injury needs. He’s the best.
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