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Worcester Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

Spinal injuries are among the most devastating injuries that a person can suffer, often resulting in partial or full paralysis, neuropathy, and head or neck pain. Even a minor accident can result in life-long ailments that reduce your quality of life, making it hard to perform everyday tasks and damaging your future financial prospects. This financial damage means that you deserve compensation when you’ve suffered a spinal injury through no fault of your own. Find out the causes and consequences of a spinal injury, and don’t forget to contact Attorney Peter Ventura for a free consultation.

A Spinal Injury Happens Suddenly

According to the Mayo Clinic, a spinal injury typically results from “a sudden, traumatic blow to your spine” that causes severe damage to your vertebrae. What you may not know is that additional trauma can occur days and weeks after your accident due to swelling, internal bleeding and fluid build-up around your spine. Without immediate first aid at the site of the spinal injury accident, it is possible to suffer permanent disability that alters your ability to live your life in the manner you’re accustomed to.

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal injuries can occur in various circumstances that are generally unpredictable and unavoidable. Some of the most common causes of a spinal injury include automobile accidents, falls and even diseases, like meningitis, that affect the central nervous system. If your accident is severe enough to crush or compress your vertebrae, as often happens with sporting injuries, then you will face a long road to recovery. In the aftermath of a traumatic injury, most people expect medical bills, but many don’t realize that those steep bills can continue long after you’ve left the hospital.

Roadblocks to Avoid on Your Path to Recovery

Directly following your spinal injury accident, medical professionals will focus primarily on stabilization to mitigate the extent of the damage. Once your condition has steadied, your road to recovery, and the resulting bills, will begin. During recovery you can expect to spend a tremendous amount of money on items related to physical therapy and adapting your home for your new lifestyle. These costs can continue to mount until they negatively affect your ability to live your life effectively.

Build a Strong Case to Fight Against the Insurance CompaniesPeter Ventura- Worcester Car Accident Attorney

To be properly compensated following an accident that causes spinal injury, it is imperative to prove liability. Showing that another person caused your accident and resulting injury makes it much easier to get an insurance company settlement at the level you need to start rebuilding your life. However, even if it’s clear that another person was responsible for your spinal injury, insurance companies will fight to reduce your compensation.

With so much stacked against you, you might be wondering how you will win your case. The best way to get your deserved recompense following a spinal injury is by allowing Attorney Peter Ventura to handle your case. We will handle your case with the attention that it deserves. By projecting your future expenses and documenting your injuries, we will build as strong a case as possible to fight back against insurance company lawyers.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation and find out how Peter Ventura can help you following a traumatic spinal cord injury.


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