What is Whiplash and Should I be Concerned?

Whiplash is an internal injury; The sudden force of an accident can cause the head to swing back and forth violently. As a result, there is stretching of the neck muscles beyond their normal range.

Quite often, accident victims fail to realize they have whiplash until later.  For this reason, it is always recommended that after an accident, those involved should speak with a personal injury lawyer about whiplash. Left untreated, whiplash can become a long-term situation.nceck muscles like this tear during a whiplash injury in massachusetts accidents

Causes of Whiplash Injuries

Neck muscles can tear and stretch under a number of situations. These include:

  • Automobile accidents, especially rear end collisions
  • Contact sports
  • Fighting
  • Motorcycle falls

Whiplash Symptoms

In general, the symptoms of whiplash become apparent within 24-hours following an accident or injury. It is imperative that people pay close attention to their bodies during this period. Here are some symptoms.

  • Blurry vision
  • Dizziness
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Headache
  • Stiff neck

Getting professional help is an important part of whiplash treatment. The attending physician will be able to discern the level of damage. A lawyer can then use the medical report to prepare a lawsuit to collect for expenses and damages related to the accident.

Medical Diagnosis

To confirm whether someone has whiplash, doctors perform a standard evaluation. First comes a series of questions about the accident. For example, a physician will need to know when the accident occurred, and what happened to the body. They will also be concerned about the location of any pains. Next, there is an X-Ray taken of the affected area.

Since whiplash is an internal injury, it is best to allow a medical professional to make the diagnosis. Relying on the advice of family and friends could prove detrimental.

Furthermore, an ineffective home remedy could cause problems collecting a damage award from the perpetrator. Massachusetts courts need to confirm the direct fault of the person being blamed for the accident. If there is any possibility that something the victim did following the accident affected the situation, the court might be unable to award monetary compensation.


Pain relief is central to treating whiplash. Physicians might recommend over the counter (OTC) pain relievers, such as Ibuprofen. More powerful prescription medication might be necessary in severe cases.

Massaging the neck and back can help. Some whiplash sufferers visit a chiropractor or physical therapist to have rehabilitation.

Chronic Pain

There are cases when whiplash injuries fail to subside within a few weeks. Some people suffer the effects of whiplash for years. The costs of treatment can be overwhelming, which is why they need to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer.  Since no one knows how long the symptoms will last, it is best to establish legal blame soon after the accident.

Whiplash is a Societal Drain

The physical costs of whiplash are matched only by the financial burdens upon victims. Over $8.5 billion gets spent nationally each year dealing with whiplash. Many workers miss time on the job trying to get better.  In Massachusetts, there are over 100,000, traffic accidents each year. This dismal number means the chances of the average resident suffering whiplash is very high.

Personal Injury Lawsuits Can Provide Compensatory Damage Awards

Peter Ventura is an experienced personal injury lawyer serving Worcester, MA, and beyond. Attorney Ventura can file a lawsuit to demand just recompense for accident injuries that result in whiplash.

In Massachusetts, these financial awards cover money spent because of the accident. Clients can receive help paying their medical bills and taking care of family while out of work. The amount awarded in court can cover out of pocket expenses and for pain and suffering.

Contact Worcester Injury Attorney Peter Ventura Today

Anyone hurt in an accident should contact Peter Ventura, an experienced personal injury lawyer today. Establishing the negligence of the other party requires beginning sooner rather than later.


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