Parking Lot Accidents

You may not consider walking through a parking lot or using a ramp dangerous, but when such property is not properly maintained, it can result in trips, falls and injuries. If you’re one of many Massachusetts victims who have been injured due to a slip and fall, you also know the devastating impact such an injury can have on your health, well-being and ability to work.

That’s where Peter Ventura, a premise liability lawyer in Worcester, can help. Even if your injury occurs outside of a building, the owner of that property can be held liable for your injuries, which means you may be able to seek compensation.

To know for sure, you can schedule a consultation with Attorney Peter Ventura, during which time he can answer your questions about:

  • liability (what is the property owner’s responsibility under the circumstances);
  • how to prove liability (often through accident reconstruction engineers and building code experts); and
  • using medical evidence that backs up the severity of your injuries.

We’ll Talk about What Led to Your Slip and Fall Accident

How can you prove a serious injury is the result of a property owner’s negligence and not just a victim’s clumsiness or inattention? When you come in for your free consultation, we’ll slip and fall attorney in worcester MAdiscuss whether one of the following parking lot or ramp hazards led to your injuries.

Some telltale signs that a property owner or landlord hasn’t been properly maintaining the area are:

  • parking lot pavement is uneven or plagued by holes or is broken;
  • snow and ice accumulation;
  • improperly marked speed bumps;
  • improperly lit parking lots or ramps;
  • ramps that lack handrails and cross cleats in concrete; and
  • ramps that have a slope that is not consistent with Building Code requirements and/or industry standards.

If we discover one of the above signs of a property owner’s negligence, or  find other evidence of negligence, we’ll get to work gathering all of the necessary proof, assessing building codes, retaining building code or property maintenance experts, as well as collecting your medical records, so you can rest assured that your legal rights are protected.

We Find out Who is Liable in Massachusetts Slip and Fall Cases

Property owners have a duty to provide a reasonably safe environment for lawful visitors.  This holds true for owners of parking lots as much as it does for owners of buildings.

Slip and fall cases are a bit unique because the owner or tenant of a building is not always liable for what happens in a parking lot. Sometimes the liable party is a separate landlord or property management company. Investigation into who had control and responsibility to safely maintain a parking lot or wheelchair ramp is vital to protect an injured person’s legal rights.

Attorney Peter Ventura knows that while you’re dealing with your injuries, you don’t have the time to figure out these specific but crucial details.  Attorney Ventura has the experience and resources to determine who is liable for your injuries. It’s all in effort to provide an efficient and thorough investigation on your behalf, so you can be made whole by collecting damages in a legal claim.

Peter Ventura is a Premise Liability Lawyer Here to Help Worcester Victims

Peter Ventura, Attorney at Law, focuses only on personal injury claims and will answer your questions about Massachusetts slip and fall cases dealing with parking lot and wheelchair ramp hazards. For 25 years, this former Worcester County assistant district attorney has represented personal injury victims. When you’ve suffered from a slip and fall injury in Massachusetts, contact us for a free consultation.


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3 Million Dollars - Motor Vehicle Death
2 Million Dollars – Medical Malpractice
$1,024,892 – Motor Vehicle Accident
$675,000 – Accident at Work
$650,000 – Medical Malpractice
$525,000 – Tractor Trailer Accident
$500,000 – Accident at Work
$475,000 – Fall at Supermarket

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Attorney Ventura was excellent. I was injured in a car accident and he really looked out for my best interests. He is thorough and professional as well as easy to reach and always there when I needed him. His support team was outstanding. They kept me well-informed throughout the process. I would highly recommend Attorney Ventura for any of your personal injury needs. He’s the best.
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